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About Sentemental

About Sentemental

Sentemental was started in 2010 by a couple of budding entrepreneurs (and consumers), who got chatting and found they had something in common. They had loads of boxes of birthday cards, Christmas cards and kids drawings taking up space in the loft. An idea popped into their heads. Why not create an electronic version of these so they can be stored on-line. Sentemental was born. Sentemental is a trading name of

About Sentemental 

Sentemental offers the simplest way to save your favourite possessions from anniversary cards to childrens fact most sentimental items that you have stored in cupboards/lofts can be stored online.

About Setemental

What are you waiting for? Get converting. Find out how it works and register now to save your Christening CardsKids artscan pictures with sentemental

"A brilliant way to save precious memories"

David, Ambleside

"A great idea and so easy to use"

Tina, London


SentEmental is a secure environment

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